A kind man by Muskan Bakhtawar

Once there was a man.He lived in pakistan in a village .He was very kind.He had two brothers and three sisters.His father was a very famous man.

He relates to a well-educated family.His mother was very famous and kind woman.When He passed his f.a he went to other country for earn the money.

He works of wood.He works very hard .Gradually he started to earn good money.He sent money to his parents .But his masters was very cruel.

They hated him.Then they could not give him money.he works hard.He became very weak.

Then he came back home.when he came he got married.

He had a girl who had a beautiful name.After her born he went to other country.He works very hard.

A kind man by Muskan Bakhtawar

After 5 years a girl borned to him.He had to daughter’s.He loved his first child so much.His daughters were blue eyed -child.

After the birth of second daughter. he always came back.He started private job as a dispensar.His first daughter was very intelligent.

She was very hard working .She cares his parents.She could not saw his parents in trouble and pain.

He was very kind man.In these days he was about 45 or 44 years old.

I pray for him,May he live long and a happy life.

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